In Tectfarma, we study, develop, manufacture and place all our systems in order to offer you a comprehensive solution for the product conveying, completely adapted to your needs.

Our conveying systems are clean and salubrious, easily to install, with a great transport capacity and length. They are adapted to the different manipulation procedures of raw materials, product manufacture and conditioning, packaging and waste materials conduction. Our product is always available wherever it is needed, following your installation specifications and the requirements of any industry.

In all the cases, we evaluate the different technological options to provide you with the best transport solution:
Vacuum pneumatic systems (our brand is specialised in this kind of transport).
Mechanical Transport.
Pneumatic conveying for positive pressure.
And also for the equipment processes:
Screening and sieving.
Moulding and reduction of the particles size.
And all the auxiliary equipments required:
Accumulation and collection.
Big bag dischargers.
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