Tectfarma offers you the best solution for the transport / conveying of solid, dense or liquid products.
El transporte neumático, presenta una serie de ventajas, que hacen de esta una excelente opción en todo tipo de sectores y aplicaciones industriales.

We propose you our systems to improve the different manipulation procedures of raw materials aimed at production processes, semi-finished products metering, finished products packaging and the waste materials conduction through finishing processes.

The pneumatic transport represents the best option in all the industrial sectors due to its great range of advantages.
The best output at the best price.
Systems that require the minimal maintenance.
In TECTFARMA we are specialised in implementing our technology in the productive chains of the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industry. The different phases of the productive system sometimes require proper and efficient transport systems in order to obtain the product at its optimal point, at the lowest price and with the less effort.

The different sectorial demands (materials compatible with FDA guidelines, hygiene, raw materials, ATEX standards…) require a specific treatment for this type of applications.

In Tectfarma, we put at your disposal our highly qualified working team and its wide experience in the sector for developing your projects.
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